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If you do not wish to hear Wendy's Inspirational Message from the Bible at the beginning of her calls, simply fast forward to 5 miniutes into the call.
April 24 – Click for Zoom Replay
Laurie Lambert gives some great ideas on how to have fun "What Women Want" parties and show case our products in a very creative way. Challenge: Have you own party this week! Let Laurie know and she has a gift for you!
April 17 – Click for Zoom Replay    
MannaFest 2017 Review. Hour long webinar with all the updates from Mannafest and new product launches!  A MUST SEE!
April 3 – Click for Replay
Tips from Wendy and Linda in preparation for Mannafest.
March 27 – Click for Zoom Replay
Great business building tips for making prospecting a way of life by Laurie Lambert! 
March 20 – Click for Replay
Wendy and team review the Business Presentation/Interview that Laurie Lambert demonstrated on TNL last week.
Ways to Introduce TruHealth from M. Hillaker
March 13 – Click for Replay
A HIGH-ENERGY must watch meeting! Wendy and LInda Franklin just returned from a Presidential Bootcamp in Dallas and they are PUMPED!! Lots of great tips to build your business, earn the incentive to Puerto Rico and get yoursefl positioned right for the new compensation plan!
March 6 – No call.
Feb 27 – Click for Replay
Wendy explains how to figure out what you need to earn the incentive to Puerto Rico. Incentive period BP3 - BP7 ends June 30, 2017. No procrastinating allowed! Enroll as many people as possible in BP3 and BP4!  Wendy recommends that you also listen to MerriJo Hillaker's Incentive training call.  Download this outline on what to do!
Feb. 20 - Click for Replay
Paulette Roy is Wendy's guest. She explains how they are successfully using the Sales System (system.mannatech.com)
They like to use these two  "picque interest" videos to attract interest to our business opportunity: 1) Generating Income on Your Terms (found at system.mannatech.com under Step One.)
2) The Mannatech Opportunity "This Story Is About You"  (Currently this video is in library.mannatech.com under "Top Videos")  You can use this link to send video for now: https://mannatechvideos.wistia.com/medias/y4amthndnp  It will be added to the Sales System site soon.
Feb. 13 - This call was not recorded. (sorry for the inconvenience)
Feb. 6 – Click for Replay
This Zoom Meeting features Sales Director for NA, Laurie Lambert. This is a MUST LISTEN call! Laurie shows the new sales system and how to use it. This is the most valuable tool you can use! Everything is in one place with tutorials on how to use each step.
Go to: system.mannatech.com
JAN. 23 – Click for Replay
Hear Jana Mean's TruHealth transformation story!
JAN. 16 – Click for Replay
Great training on setting goals by RD, Debra Mullet and discussion on starting the TruHealth Challenge. 
JAN. 9 – Click for Replay
Aloha Associates! Wendy and guest, Bronze PD Amanda Latrielle give business tips from Hawaii!

Decembr 19, 2016 – Click for Replay
Our Christmas call, the last one for 2016! Jennifer Powell shares about setting goals for the New Year and Laurie Lambert is back to talk some more about the TruHealth Commitment program. Go to promo.mannatech.com/truhealth to register new customers for the commitment program!
December 12, 2016– Click for Replay
Wendy invites our new Sales Director for North America, Laurie Lambert to share on our call about TruHealth. 
December 5, 2016 – Click for Replay
CEO & Presidenti of Mannatech, Al Bala is Wendy's guest on this exciting call. This is a great call to use to inspire potential business partners to join our movement!
November 21, 2016 – Click for Replay
Regional Director, Susan Bennett, talks about limiting beliefs that can hold you back and National Director, Torian Walker gives tips on socila media marketing. Great call!
November 14, 2016 – Click for Replay
Do yo have trouble with procrastination? Listen to this great training by Kathy jackson to help  you get things done in a timely way. Hear a great testimomy from Tammy Williams regarding the benefits she has seen with PLUS.  Click here to download notes from Kathy on procrastiantion.
November 7, 2016 – Click for Replay
On this combined Action Team Call and TruHealth Support Call you'll hear two great testimonies that will bless and encourage you.
October 31, 2016 - Calls Cancelled.
October 24, 2016 – Click for Replay
National Directors, Torian and Allisa Walker talk about the power of having a healthy mindset. A "MUST LISTEN" OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
You Tube video: The Dangers of Visceral Fat  Sizzle Call Phone Number: 972-471-6523
October 10, 2016 – Click for Replay
We talked about sowing and reaping! Jim Rohn was our "guest"
OCTOBER 3, 2016Click for Replay
Time is valuable! Learn how to orgnaize your time to get the important things done today that will move you closer to your goals.  Download handout.
SEPT. 26, 2016 – Click for Replay
Don Partiridge is here again to talk about the importance of your mindset!
SEPT. 19, 2016 – Click for Replay
Wendy's guest is CEO and President, Al Bala. Al talks about the tremendous opportunity in China and how to get involved and cash in on the China E-commerce movement.
SEPT. 12, 2016 – Click for Replay
Wendy's speical guest is Ty Tribble, the #1 blogger in the world in the field of Network Marketing. He has examined hundreds of MLM companies in his 25+ years as an entrepreneur... and he chose Mannatech! This is a MUST LISTEN CALL! Hear the SIX things that Ty saw in Mannatech that convinced him to join the movement!
AUGUST 29, 2016 – Click for Replay
Platinum Presidential, Don Partirdge is Wendy's guest again - only this time live and in person! Don talks about the value of the TruHealth products not only for Fat Loss but for true transformation in health!  A MUST HEAR CALL!
AUGUST 22, 2016 – Click for Replay
Wendy plays an valuable message from the 6/30/16 Success Call featuring  Platinum Presidential, Don Partridge. He gives an impactful training about Influence and confidence in your Mannatech business. Click here to download the outline for his talk.
AUGUST 15, 2016 – Click for Replay
Hear Jerry and Cindi Owen talk about the specifics in how they are using social media to sign up over 9 people each business period since they started on the TruHealth System.
AUGUST 1, 2016 – Click for Replay
Wendy shares highlights from the Social Media Bootcamp in Dallas with Ray and Jessica Higdon. Go to JessicaHigdon.com or Rayhigdon.com for more trainings!
JULY 11, 2016 – Click for Replay
Sona van der Hoop is our guest speaker. She talked about the "happiness advantage" and how to have an extraordinary mindset.
JUNE 27, 2016 – Click for Replay
Wendy shares some tips for having successful home meetings and invites Blitz Buddies: Nancy Bacome and Linda Bohot to share with the group what they have learned in reading books, listening to CDs, and staying plugged into to the Mannatech tools. Great call!
JUNE 20, 2016 – Click for Replay
Sona vander Hoop is our guest on this call - she gives us some simple steps to creating success in life and in our Mannatech business. Listen with pen and paper and put it into action.
JUNE 13, 2016 - Click for Replay
Linda Franklin hosts this call with guests, Executive Directors, Loir and Charlie Cutter talking about TruHealth and how they are building their business
JUNE 6, 2016 – Click for Replay
What a great finish to our first Buiness Period of our Blitz! Highest enrollments in over a year! Voume up! New Leadership levels reached! Don't miss this call!  
Click this link to register for our TruHealth Webinar Tuesday, June 7 9PM CT.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dial in to Dr. Nugent's Tru Health Introductory Call Thursday, 7PM CT 800-768-2983  PIN 4712222#
I forgot to start recoding at the beginning of this call so the recording starts with an interview of Buddy Team: Richard and Priscilla Hundley and Daryl and Claudie Yamada
MAY 16 – Click for Replay
Great call with lots of enthusiasm! We're learning the importance of have a Blitz Buddy. We're seeing momentum building!
MAY 9 – Click for Replay
The Kick-Off Call for our BLITZ! Also, visit our Facebook.com group "Blitz Action Team" ask to join the group! Here's where you'll find all our inspirational messages, tips and encouragements to keep BLITZING FOR THE NEXT 90 DAYS!
MAY 2 – Click for Replay    NEXT WEEK - MAY 9th - Our Action Team Calls move to 9:00 pm CT, 8:00pm MT, 7:00pm PT
The Power of Accountability and other important Blitz preparations are discussed!
APRIL 25 – Click for Replay
Preparations for the Blitz are in full-swing! Wendy gives four more assignements to get ready.  Download notes from the call.
APRIL 18 – Click for Replay
Wendy calls from Florida and has Presidentials, Paulette Roy and Amanda Latrielle on the call with her to share take-aways from the Ray Higdon Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp. A MUST LISTEN!
APRIL 11 – Click for Replay
The new Mannatech revealed! Hear the "take-aways" from associates who experienced MannaFest 2016! 
APRIL 4 – Click for Replay
Listen to this call to make the most of your MannaFest experience! Lots of tips and information about what's happening at MannaFest 2016.
MARCH 27 – Click for Replay
Kathy Jackson hosts this call with Sona Vander Hoop.  A MUST listen call!
MARCH 21  – Click for Replay
We have lot of new associates joining our group which is very exciting. Congratulations to all those enrolling! Wendy returns to the basics of what to do first to get our new partners started right.
We also talk about MannaFest plans and agenda. NOTE: If you have an extra hotel room, need a roommate, or have an extra ticket to sell, please contact Silence Weeks at silence@weeksglobal.com - Silence has volunteered to be the "hub" to connect people, rooms and tickets for MannaFest.
MARCH 14 – Click for Replay
Inspriational messages from leaders in the Kremer Group! Enjoy!
MARCH 7 – Click for Replay
Sona vander Hoop is Wendy's guest and asks us the Five Basic Questions to help us establish our basic mindse for success. This is a "listen and take action" kind of call!
FEB. 29 – Click for Replay
Focus is on China. Wendy replays a call that some team members had with Ray Robbins this past week to prepare for a presentation to a hosptial in Taiwan. There are great business tips on this call regardless of whether you are working your business locally or around the world.  Talking points that Wendy gave Louisa for her meeting.
China flyer from Wendy:  Flyer (prints two on a page)     Image to text
FEB. 22 – Click for Replay
Wendy interviews Executive Directors, Richard and Pricilla Hundley about their new level of commitment and chane in mindset and how humbling themselves to be accountable every day for their activities has resulted in huge doors opening for business!
FEB. 15 – Click for Replay
PD, Linda Franklin and RD, Susan Bennett talk about having passion for your business and helping others.
FEB. 8 – Click for Replay
Learn all about the China Expansion and your opportunity for a huge global business on this call with Regional President of Greater China, Russ Wood and Ray Robbins. 
FEB. 1 – Click for Replay
Wendy's guest is Double Platinum, Ray Robbins! Ray talks about what makes Mannatech unique and why he LOVES this company! Start your own list of all the things you love about Mannatech. It will help you when you are sharing with others.
Wendy starts this call by sharing a blog post " Words - Cut or Cultivate"  written collaboratively with her daughter. Then Sona is back to talk about Intention + Mechanisn = Results
JAN. 18 – Click for Replay
Sona Van der Hoop is Wendy's guest. Sona lays the foundation for discovering what "sunglasses" we are seeing life through that may be holding us back from accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our dreams. Read the book, "If How To's Were Enough, We'd All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy" by Brian Klemmer and join us next week as Sona continues to facilitiate some personal development excercises for us. This week's homework: Write down your 60-day goal and bring it with you to next week's call.
JAN. 11 –  Click for Replay
Don  & Wendy Kremer and Linda & Ben Franklin share their excitment and updates from Hawaii!
JAN. 4, 2016 – Click for Replay
Presidential, Rhonda Harrell hosts this call. She shares her remarkable story that got her started with Mannatech and what keeps her going strong.

2015 Action Team Calls
Dec. 28, 2015 – Click for Replay
This is a MUST LISTEN call! Sona Van der Hoop shares how to wrap up 2015 and set yourself up for success and great increase in 2016. Listen with pen and paper!
Dec. 21, 2015 – No call Christmas week
Dec. 14, 2015 – Click for Replay
Presidential, Kathy Jackson teaches how to tell a compelling story. Download notes here: Facts Tell, Stories Sell
Dec. 7, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy discusses Chapter One of "If How To's Were Enough..." What sunglasses are you wearing that are determining your decisions?
Nov. 30, 2015 – Click for Replay
Linda Franklin and Wendy talk about the key to reaching any goal:  Intention + Mechanism = RESULTS 
If you will APPLY this information from this call there is not a goal out there that you can't achieve! Order the book: "If How To's Were Enough We'd All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy" by Brian Klemmer
Nov. 23, 2015 – Click for Replay
Another great call! Listen to Presidential, Rhonda Harrell share her passion for sharing Mannatech and how she is using Business Lunch Receptions effectively to build her business and find Business Builders! Other great tips for keeping in touch with your customers and thanking them for their loyalty this Thanksgiving season. Rhonda uses Wendy's new  Business Reception Flip Chart  (formatted for 24" x 36" printing, but can be reduced to letter size too.)
Nov. 16, 2015– Click for Replay
This is a awesome call! You'll want to listen with a notebook and pen! Wendy's guest is Bronze Presidential, Kathy Martz, who is full of energy and excitment about sharing the Flush the Fat 4Life program. She will inspire you. She'll help you see that you have unlimited contacts and lots of people who need and want your solutions! Great business ideas!
Nov. 9, 2015 – Click for Replay
Louis and Leone van der Linde are Wendy's guest on this call. We had some problems connecting the international line so van der Linde's recorded their talk ahead of time for us. To hear only the recording of the van der Linde's click here.
Nov. 2, 2015 – Click for Replay
More great business tips from Wendy, Linda and Kathy's BLITZ GIRL TRIP TOUR!  Hear some great stories on this call and especially a remarkable recovery of a young man, Ben, who had a terrible brain injury this past May. In just 5 months he is back to Break-dancing and talking normally and attributes the miraculous recovery to his body to Ambrotose! To see Ben's whole story go to the "Success StorIes" tab on this site.
October 26, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy, Kathy Jackson and Linda Franklin talk about their experiences and give tips gleaned from their BLITZ TOUR OF THE WEST! National Director, Shauncey Adee interviews Lisa, her new business builder from Trinidad, CO. Great insights and tips for your own Get Healthy, Flush Fat & Wipe-Out Wrinkles Events! 
October 12, 2015 – Click for Replay
Kathy Jackson hosts this call with special guest, Mannatech CEO, Al Bala. He shares his vision for the future of Mannatech and the exciting transformation that Mannatech is undergoing over the next few months and why you MUST be at MannaFest, April 6-10, 2016!
September 28, 2015 – Click for Replay
After some end of the Business Period recognition, Wendy introduces an excellent getting started training by Eric Worre. 
Listen to full recording of Eric Worre's Training: How To Start (or Restart) Your Network Marketing Business Right
September 21, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy follows up on the training she shared by Eric Worre on Sept. 14 about how to set up appointments with texting rather than a phone call. She shares what to do at that appointment. Also more discussion about the Flush the Fat & Wipe-Out Wrinkles Parties and how to set up for them. Wendy introduced her new Flush the Fat & Wipe-out Wrinkles Party Tools page. This is a purchased access page for a nominal fee. Go to the Store and purchase access and enjoy all these new, proven tools!
September 14, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy shares Eric Worre's revolutionary method to fill you calendar with appointments! If you are not showing the plan you are fooling yourself that you are building your business. Here's a simple way to get in front of a lot of people consistently. Click here to watch Eric Worre's full video training.
August 31, 2015 – Click for Replay
On this call Linda Franklin introduces us to one of her associates, Kelly Oulette, who is an RN. She shares an amazing story of the power of Ambrotose in her son, Ben, who had learning disabilities and attention difficulties as a child, and then recently, was in a head-on collision with a truck and in a coma as a young man and how Ambrotose was instrumental in his complete recovery.  She wrote the following text message after the call this morning: "My prayer for all who hear my story is that it will give parents who have tried everything, exhausitng all resources HOPE." She encourages parents that they have nothing to loose and possible a whole new future to offer their kids with Ambrotose!
August 24, 2015 – Click for Replay
This is an exciting call! Wendy and Presidentials, Linda Franlin and Kathy Jackson talk about the successful events they had in Colorado and New Mexico this past week with their new "FLUSH the Fat and WIPE-OUT Wrinkles Party" More will be coming on this program that is really working well and is so much fun to do! Watch for a new tab on our menu for this party plan!
August 17, 2015 – Click for Replay
This call is broadcast from Colorado as Wendy and Kathy Jackson have just returned from the Super Regional in LosAngeles. The West Coast team shares their take-aways from the event.
August 10, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy talks about "The Art of Frog Eating" with excerpts from a book by Brian Tracey, giving some steps to take to overcome procrastination and get into momentum! Download the notes here: The Art of Frog Eating Handout
August 3, 2015 – Click for Replay
Linda Franklin talks about how well the Win Back program is working and gives some script ideas for calling. Then Wendy's special guest, Mannatech's new Director of Skin Care, Tammie Mayer tells us all about generation Uth and the resources available to help us build our business with skin care! Excellent Call!
July 27, 2015 – Click for Replay
Sona van der Hoop brings back "Part 2" of her personal development chat with us and continues discussing with us how the stories we tell ourselves affec the results we get in our life.
July 20, 2015 – Click for Replay
Bronze Presidentials, Paul and Amanda Latrielle share their story and the "story" they tell themselves that energizes them to keep on prospecting and sharing consistently with everyone they possibly can! Great business tips!  On the call we recommendedan excellent website by Eric Worre: GoProAllAccess.com Check it out!
July 13, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy's special guest is, Sona van der Hoop, is a talented personal development trainer, seminar presenter and public speaker. We are so privileged to have her working directly with Bob Adam and the Flight Team to bring out the BEST in us and to help us all to identify weak spots and overcome whatever holds us back from our goals and dreams! On this call Sona helps us take a look at the stories we tell ourselves and exam whether our stories are serving us well or keeping us stuck and unproductive.
July 6, 2015 – Click for Replay
Linda Franklin shares her amazing testimony of the fight for her life the past two years. Then Wendy introduces the brand new prospecting CD: "Two Economic Tidal WavesRenowned author and economist, Paul Zane Pilzer delivers a critical message that you must hear. Two tidal waves of change are coming that will create massive opportunities for some, while uprooting others. Will you be one of those who benefit, or will you find your world turned upside down? Learn about these waves and what you can do to protect your future in this must-hear CD. It's six minutes that could alter your life and legacy. Order the CD - A pack of 5 for $10 at Mannatech.com > Business Tools
June 29, 2015 – Click for Replay
Double Platinum, Ray Robbins is Wendy's guest on this call! Great call with really good tips from Ray on having confidence, networking with your valuable customer base and a LOT more great stuff!
June 22, 2015 – Click for Replay
Linda Franklin interviews some of her first-attendees at the Super Regional in Denver and get's their impressions, tips and take-aways from this powerful event. 
June 15, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy teaches about the posture for contacting and inviting and the power of reading books and continuing in personal development.
June 8, 2015 – Click for Replay
Having just come from the Denver Super Regional, several team members who attended the event share their take-aways from this awesome event!
June 1, 2015 – Click for Replay
WARNING - DON'T LISTENT TO THIS CALL WITHOUT A BOX OF TISSUES HANDY! I think this call could make a great prospecting CD! Listen to Executive Directors, Richard and Priscilla Hundley and their team from California talk about their take-aways from the Los Angeles Super Regional. Be sure and attend the Super Regional near you, it will change your life!
May 18, 2015 – Click for Replay
Nancy Williams gives her testimony about what makes her passionate about Mannatech and has "lite her fire" to share the Mannatech opportunity and what motivated her to enroll 10 associates last BP and earn a Power Bonus! Her goal is to enroll 4 All Stars a week!
Then, to impress upon us all the importance of reading books, Wendy shares a recording from Leone van der Linda titled, "Read & Apply." NOTE: We appologize that the recording ends abruptly, but you will hear the main message we intended you to hear on this call. To hear the full CD from Q13 Platinum PD, Leone van der Linde "Read & Apply" click here.
May 11, 2015 – Click for Replay
BP5 was a record breaking month for enrollments! Wendy talked about making sure we get these new associates off to a successful start. 
May 4, 2015 – Click for Replay
Executive Directors, Richard and Priscilla Hundley talk about the power of developing habits with MannaTracker, Executive Director, Carrie Sallee shares how she has implemented what she has learned from the book, "Start With Why" and how she uses the "start with why" wisdom in beginning a  presentation with a prospect.
April 27, 2015 – Click for Replay
Great call! Executive Director, Carrie Sallee shares simple scripts to contact and invite and talks about how she is having success doing a booth at Job Fairs! Wendy encourages everyone to practice using the invitation lines: "Do you keep you options open when it come to making money?"  (yes)  "Are you willing to set a time to get to gether to look at an interesting option?"
Carrie's Job Fair Application:   Word     Pages
April 20, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy and Kathy Jackson continue to discuss how to ask questions to invite people to take a look at our opportunity. They use a real life situation they had this week inviting a potential business partner to take a look at Mannatech and went through how they showed the plan and the follow up questions. Great call! Listen, practice and use it!
April 13, 2015 – Click for Replay
Great call with lots of business tips! Wendy share a training on 5 Steps to Cold Market Mastery, by Chris Carroll, focusing mostly on your posture when contacting. 
April 6, 2015 – Click for Replay
Executive Director, Carrie Sallle, is Wendy's guest on this call. They continue discussing the effectiveness of using the Contacting and Inviting script shared on the Mar. 30 call. (See Mar. 30 call for more details.) Wendy also talks about the "Flush the Fat for Life" diet she is using to lose wieght (17 lbs in 10 weeks) and especially fat (8" inches total lost off her abdomen area!) This is availalbe now to promote to customers - it focuses on using the Mannatech products and how to eat correctly to get you body to burn its own fat and make you lean and healthy. Check it out at flushthefat4life.com order the e-book for $8.99 and then you will receive the passwords for using the rest of the site. Great way to get new customers and re-activate old ones!
March 30, 2015  – Click for Replay
Wendy talks about serving others by offering them the Mannatech opportunity. She talks about the SKILL of Contacting and Inviting and shares some great tips from a South African Presidential. Download the transcript of the training by Kirsten Pierce,  thank you Carrie Sallee for sharing this!
March 23, 2015 – Click for Replay
Great call featuring Ben and Linda Franklin - Linda shares the importance of continual customer care and then Ben has a great talk about tackling the "gorillas" in our lives. Agressively listen to this one with a pen and paper handy!
March 16, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy invites Presidential, Kathy Jackson to introduce her brand new National Director, Cindy Goldman who shares how the 3 Point Plan and working together as a team has moved her on to National Director after 10 years as a loyal customer. Wendy recognizes lots of business builders who had great volume growth in BP3 and then Ben and Linda Franklin share their thoughts about MannaFest, the importance of having a postive mindset and Ben shares a powerful perspective on the value of network marketing Vs conventional business. Handout from MannaFest Church Service: "Confess Your Future"
March 9, 2015 – Click for Replay
The first call after MannaFest! Listen to all the energy, excitiment and vision for the future! Many associates share their "takeaways" and what they are putting into action ASAP.
March 2, 2015 – Click for Replay
Don and Wendy share about their trip to South Africa. They bring back some of the highlights of the trip and the energy and excitiment and the vision of the team in South Africa.
February 23, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy and Don talk about their experience in South Africa and Al Bala talks about why you will want to be at MannaFest, this year more than every before. Exciting call!
February 16, 2015 – No recording
February 9, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy talks about Skill # 3 needed to be a professional network marketer, the skill of STP showing the plan. Linda Franklin also gives some great tips for growing your volume at the end of the business period.
February 2, 2015 – Click for Replay
Bob Adam, GM for the USA, is Wendy's guest on this call. They discuss the new Incentive to the Mayan Riveria and how you can earn it, what to do NOW before the end of BP2 and then also talk about why you want to be sure to attend MannaFest!
January 26, 2015 – Click for Replay
Linda Franklin and Wendy are together sharing how the floodgates are opening in Mannatech and in our businesses, and how the excitment in building as they are traveling throughout the SW Colorado and "Four Corners" area.  They discuss the skills #1 and #2  needed as a professional network marketer from the book, Go Pro, by Eric Worre. Linda also shares a great testimony about a child with trouble learning in school.
January 19, 2015 – Click for Replay
Wendy reminds us on this call that our words will frame our world. "Our future is not out in front of us, our future is inside of us!" We speak it into existence with our words that bring either life or death to our life. ND, Sharon DeBoer shares a testimony of how just two MannaBears greatly impacted a little girls life and health.  Linda Franklin shares how to use the new Refresh and Rejunvenate 30 Day Cleanse to increase your volume this month. Dr. Nugent will be teaching about the 30 Day Cleanse on our monthly Product Training call next Monday, Jan. 26, 9pm CT.
January 12, 2015 - Click for Replay
Wendy recorded this call in Hawaii, on it she shares some of the fun and excitment from the Presidential Summit held at the Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui, Hawaii this past week. There's also a homework assignment that you will wan to do to get this New Year off to a successful start! We are network marketing professionals! We proud of your profession!

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