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Sample of Wendy's Display Board for Uth

Display Board Uth Mannatech

Center panel

Side panels

Instructions for Office Depot (or other print shop):

Please make me a tri-fold display board on a FOAM BOARD.

Print on glossy photo paper and mount on a foam tri-fold board, (on the inside of the fold, so it sets up on a table)

Two attached files:  Uth Poster Side panels - Uth Poster Center Panel.
In the file "Uth Poster Sides" are two pages, these are the side panels for the display board. Each should be printed in 12" x 36" sheets. Page 1 "Remove Wrinkles" goes on the left side, "Help a Child" is mounted on the right side.
The sencond file: Uth Poster Center - should be printed 24 x 36 and mounted in the center.

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